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the basics. The problem is that too often they are ignored, overlooked or simply pushed into the background in order to get eCommerce ready as soon as possible. Take the time to configure all these attributes and increase the chances that the project will exceed your expectations. Many more things can be done to increase the visibility of products, such as including sharing buttons, creating commercial newsletters, a blog and optimizing web loading speed. But what we have shown in this article is the base from which you can grow later. In the end, increasing the visibility of a product means making it reach the brand’s target audience and facilitating their purchase process.

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Pro you can focus on what matters most. Forget juggling administrative tasks. Take back your time and use it to make customers feel like they are the center of your brand universe.It is very common to want to uninstall a WordPress plugin, even when you have only been working on your website for a few days. And it is that you have surely downloaded and activated several until choosing the one that most resembles what you were looking for. You may be wondering: why do I have to learn how to uninstall plugins? Why is it important to uninstall plugins properly? Doesn’t it come with deactivating them?

WordPress Plugins Are

Defined as small programs that you can install to add functionality to your website. The developers who create them try to make them secure, but sometimes they suffer from vulnerabilities. And the truth is that a vulnerable plugin, even if you have it disabled, is a crack that can be very harmful to your website, if they insert malicious code. When a plugin is no longer useful to you, the simplest thing is to go to the Plugins section and deactivate it. However, it is always best to uninstall it completely. For this reason, I recommend that you use the deactivation option of a plugin only when you intend to reactivate it soon. Otherwise, it is best to uninstall it completely. But how to delete WordPress plugins correctly?

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