3 Financial Marketing Tips to Generate More Calls and Revenue

Recent studies have shown that two-thirds of customers want to call to speak with a financial services agent to make a purchase decision.  Additionally, having a live agent provides peace of mind that Germany Business Fax List sensitive financial data is handled with care. Despite spending $9.4 billion in total digital advertising in 2017, U.S. investment firms, banks, credit card and insurance companies, and other financial services companies rank the measure of Germany Business Fax List return on investment as their biggest marketing challenge.

A Significant Part of This Challenge

A significant part of this challenge is tying. Marketing attribution to inbound phone calls which. On average, generate ten times more revenue than completed online forms. Digital ad spend. Financial marketing is expected to grow steadily in coming years. Reaching $11.5 billion by 2019source: emarketer by understanding which marketing. Channels drive the Germany Business Fax List highest revenue. Including inbound call revenue, finance marketing teams can fully. Optimize their campaigns. See our 3 tips below. 1. Track every caller’s journey from marketing source to. Customer in order to prove their return on investment and optimize their budget. Financial marketers must start by linking the complete customer experience.

Digital Marketing Campaigns That Focus

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Digital marketing campaigns that focus only on what’s happening online provide an incomplete and fragmented view of the customer journey. You can see clicks, impressions and online conversions; However, you cannot see the number of calls generated by your efforts. Collecting this data is crucial because calls are often the most valuable conversions for financial marketers. There is a wealth of valuable inbound call data that financial marketing teams can capture to flesh out the customer journey. In addition to collecting basic caller data such as name, phone number, geographic location and whether it is a new caller or a repeat caller, you can capture the marketing source that led the call, to the specific digital ad, search keyword, or website page. You can also collect call experience data.

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