3 Magical Ways to Prevent Disagreements From Turning Into Conflicts

While researching, I once observed a fascinating disagreement between the executives of a nursing home. It changed the way I think about conflict in the workplace and showed the way to managing disagreements that could reduce entrenched conflicts and interdepartmental wars. The disagreement began as the CEO, two zone presidents and a chief financial officer reviewed data from a recent initiative. At one point, the CEO said, “I don’t think that number is accurate.” One of the presidents, Cole, disagreed. “Yes, that’s true,” he said, “I’m sure of it,” and gave reasons why he thought that number was accurate.

The Finance Guy Also Sided With Cole

The finance guy also sided with Cole; the number was right, his team had double-checked it. The CEO, however, was unconvinced. He was sure that the number was considerably wrong and that the calculations were wrong. The Malta B2B List group went back and forth like this and the discussion got serious. The approach to an important question depends on the accuracy of this number. After a while, the CEO sent the finance manager back to his team to double check and see if they could find a mistake, and they all started talking about something else. Ten minutes later, the finance guy rudely returned with his laptop and sat down without looking up. The CEO asked quietly, “Did you find the mistake.

The Finance Guy Paused for a Moment

Malta B2B List

The finance guy paused for a moment, then admitted, “We found the mistake.” But here’s the crux: Cole, the Leader of the Opposition, having fooled himself in front of the CEO, the other zone chairman and the finance officer, stood up and shouted “Oh-ho! and jumped across the room to engulf the CEO in a hug, then shook him by the shoulders and proclaimed, “Oh man, you were right! Of course you were right!” A moment later, he looked up and remembered I was there. He gave the CEO a final sporty shoulder shake and said excitedly, ” I love this guy . . He is incredible!”

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