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Rosa Garcia has over 25 years of experience in the technology industry and has received several accolades in recognition of her management work. Rosa Garcia talks to us about the challenges arising from digital transformation, the characteristics that every great leader should have, and advice on adapting to this new digital era. A graduate in mathematics from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Rosa García has been a director of Acerinox, BME, and Bankinter, and has. Also held management positions Photo Retouching Service in multinational companies such as NEC and WordPerfect.

In 2002, she was President of Microsoft Ibérica and Vice President of Microsoft Western Europe for Consumer and Online in 2008. In October 2011, she joined Siemens Spain as President. Question: In the new digital age, many companies feel a bit “lost” and don’t know how to manage their digital transformation.

What Should Be the Steps to Successfully Photo Retouching Service

What should be the steps to successfully face this digitization process? Answer: The first thing these “lost” companies need to understand in order to undertake this process is that if they don’t implement it, they risk disappearing in a few years. So they should start as soon as Photo Retouching Service possible to ensure they are not left behind. They must also understand that we are faced with a new. The more informed consumer does not need intermediaries and increasingly demands a more personalized product.

Once they’ve worked to come to terms with this new reality around them, I also think it’s essential that they keep in mind four keys to succeeding in the digital age. The first key is that they can conduct a real-time activity to meet the needs of the new consumer. Second, they must be infinite businesses or rather be able to reach more and more customers.

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But, the First Thing You Need to Photo Retouching Service

But, the first thing you need to succeed is to put the customer at the center. This is undoubtedly the best way to avoid strategic errors. We also need to be honest when analyzing. The strengths and weaknesses  Photo Retouching Service of our business, so that we can research or create new business models.

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