5 Creative Ways Gamification Can Manage Tasks Effectively

Micromanagement can be a cumbersome and fruitless task. It’s something the most sane and progressive managers and leaders avoid. And why not. Your employees don’t like to Georgia WhatsApp Number List be constantly harassed about what they do, how they do it and when they go to work. It’s annoying and quite annoying to have your boss checking and following you frequently. It shows a lack of respect and trust. And that’s what you don’t want your employees to feel – no trust and no respect. You don’t want to manage tasks for them. You want them to do things on their own. Of course, you don’t want to micromanage – you don’t have the time or the mental bandwidth to do so.

However, It’s Important to Make Sure

However, it’s important to make sure your team gets things done. Task management is something every leader should feel comfortable with in order to Georgia WhatsApp Number List have peace of mind knowing that the team is operating effectively and efficiently. So how do you manage tasks without micromanaging? Here are five ways gamification can help you manage your tasks successfully. 1. Think beyond task tracking As a leader and manager, let your team “own” their work. Ownership is an important part of team dynamics that can help your employees feel part of something bigger than themselves. It teaches them to be responsible and accountable. Therefore, once you assign tasks, don’t wait for them to be marked as complete.

Instead, get involved in the process

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Instead, get involved in the process. Help your team reason and reflect. Coach them and coach them, rather than expecting them to produce results. As a leader, it is your responsibility to guide your team towards results. Don’t just act like a guardian who always keeps an eye on them. In the gamified world, once you set tasks for your team, the feedback you provide to them is crucial. Feedback on gamified task management platforms helps them understand what they’re doing right, encourages positive behavior, and lets you play the role of a coach.

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