5 Easy Ways to Become an Unpopular Blogger

Everyone wants to be a popular blogger. But here I am, introducing some of the ways people can become unwelcome in this crowded blogging arena. So, what is the point of this article? You should keep every point I’m going to share. Why, because their opposites  Hungary Phone Number List  add up to create a recipe for success as well as a popular blogger. It depends on whether your blog is unpopular or popular. If you want to be despised, follow the methods given below. Or, if you want to be a blogger, do the exact opposite. Here is my guide to an unpopular, unnecessary, and rejected blog. Never love your blog. Yes, you should cut the relationship now. According to me, this is the first step to becoming an unpopular blogger.

A True Blogger Regularly Updates His Blog

It can help him build new audiences and create trust among old songs. Ultimately, the act made him popular. All popular bloggers publish their own blog posts on a regular basis. What does it mean? Nothing beats the importance of regularity in blogging. But here, you have to avoid that. Stop updating your blog now. Millions of bloggers are here. So, people will start following them, not your business. You may have stopped updating. So, do you have a habit of sharing old posts? What’s the point of hanging out before? Stop this habit. You have paved the way for unpopular bloggers. What is an island? It is a landform isolated by a water environment. I suggest you make a virtual island if unpopularity is your ultimate goal.

Don’t Have Eyes on Other Bloggers

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Never visit their blog. If any of these come up with a fantabulous post and you accidentally read it, pretend you never will. I mean no single appreciation word for comments. Pure blindness towards the comment section. Also, social sharing buttons shouldn’t catch your eye. In any case, don’t let your mouse pointer click on them. The danger at it is that people might notice your social shares, read that post, and know you’re a blogger. Successful bloggers build connections, whether it’s through blog comments or social media. The main benefit of commenting on a blog is not a mere backlink, but the connection it brings to the author and readers as well. Outreach should be your enemy, and you’re right away unpopular. Don’t email your bloggers to congratulate them on fantastic posts. If you do, they will start following your blog (even if an influencer does it).


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