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So-called i-commerce ( instant commerce ) – using social media as a direct sales channel – is a key trend for 2018. “Consumer behavior is constantly changing, and if social media was ever important for brands. It will now be even more so. therefore with the possibility that they offer users to make a purchase directly through these channels”, explains Patricia Peñalver. Social media is also fundamental to improving your engagement with users. From the Marketing department. We need to focus on strategies that allow us to create lasting relationships with our buyers. We will focus more on discovering and Image Masking analyzing behaviors and taking action that will allow us to learn more about them. Measuring engagement should therefore be an obsession,” says Peñalver. Data The potential of social networks is infinite, but each strategy must be careful.

Companies Know How Their Image Masking

Companies know how their communities grow on social media, or what content is most interesting to users. But now the challenge is to measure customer emotions and study the content of those interactions. For example, you have to know how to analyze satirical, ironic, positive Image Masking  and negative comments. Fortunately, there are already tools on the market that allow us to monitor all of this automatically.With this in mind, this year will also be important for predictive analysis tools : “These tools, based on artificial intelligence, allow us to perform real-time analyzes and make  Image Masking marketing decisions based on facts contrasted by these predictive diagrams, and not on hypotheses”, affirms Patricia Peñalver.Finally, remember that the customer journey has become more omnichannel than ever.

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The Analysis of These Channels Image Masking

“The analysis of these channels as a whole is crucial for the success of the marketing strategy concludes Patricia Peñalver. In this article, we have only discussed a few of the digital marketing trends for Image Masking this year. If you want to know more about each of them, do not hesitate to attend. The Inbounder Global Conference 2018.The most popular digital marketing event in Europe, will take place on April 25 and 26 at the Conference Center city ​​of Madrid.

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