5 Surefire Ways to Win Back Lost Leads

Tons of companies focus and spend a lot on lead generation. 74% of these companies spend more than $50 per lead generated and 5% spend more than $1,000. According to Salesforce, it takes 6-8+ contacts to generate a viable business lead, 84 days to convert that lead into an opportunity, and 18 days to convert that opportunity into a deal. This process is exactly why it’s so disheartening when a lead Pakistan Phone Number sleeps out of your hands. With the resources, energy, and time you’ve invested in lead nurturing and relationship building, you should definitely never give up on lost leads. The key to a successful sale is optimism, so kick it up a notch when looking for lost leads.

Here Are Some Questions to Ask Yourself Below

Here are some questions to ask yourself below:Why type of lead did you lose? Was the lead hot or cold? If it was a hot wire, there are still chances of knocking before it cools. A simple follow-up call to the lost prospect might reveal what made them lose interest in the Pakistan Phone number first place. Once you find out why they lost interest, you can take further corrective action or at least gain the knowledge for future leads. As for cold leads, you shouldn’t stop chasing them either. First you need to establish whether the agreement is entirely canceled without any potential for further discussion. Has the trader postponed his decision to a later date? Didn’t follow? It happens – we all sometimes forget to follow up. There’s nothing wrong with a quick apology to the customer.

Leave Ego or Hesitation Aside and Make

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Leave ego or hesitation aside and make that follow-up call as soon as possible. Did the merchant get a better deal from your competitor? Or did you offer the wrong product solution for the merchant and their business needs? In the Pakistan Phone Number first case, you can offer a better offer than the competitor and increase the chances of conversion. However, speaking of the latter, if the trail got lost because your solution didn’t have the right features for their business or because the customer couldn’t afford it, then those are real reasons. If you have other products or cheaper solutions, definitely offer them. If there is absolutely nothing you can do after this point, at least consider their reasoning as useful feedback to improve your product’s features or pricing.

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