5 Trending Rumors About B2B Lead Generation That Need to Go

Lead generation is one of the biggest pain points for almost every B2B business. In an ideal world, you’d retain clients with bottomless pockets for an eternity and you wouldn’t have to Ukraine WhatsApp Number List venture out onto the sidewalk in search of new leads. However, we all know that is not the reality we all live in. While you may never hear executives admitting they believe this rumor, their actions (or lack thereof) may say otherwise. Content may be king, but that doesn’t mean every business falls for it. Creating content with an eye on SEO can become a low-priority task if marketers don’t understand its relationship to lead generation. So, let’s dispel this myth.

While It’s Harder to Claim Your Digital Right

While it’s harder to claim your digital right today than it was 10 or 20 years ago, it’s certainly not impossible. It’s like putting money in a savings or growth account. Your balance accumulates over time. An SEO-focused blog post you wrote today might not bring you instant fame with the Google gods, but over time, as its user value is established, you win big with the rankings. It’s a rumor that needs to be accompanied by a do-not-resuscitate order. The old school mentality sells to accounts. However, there is far too. Ukraine WhatsApp Number List much transparency in this world to think that way. The account you’re trying to land is run by real humans, and as Jeff Marcoux, vice president of product strategy and marketing at TTEC, said, “personas and segments don’t buy your product, a human buys your product”.

Messaging Should Be Developed and Approved

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Messaging should be developed and approved, images found, messages monitored and comments answered. And then there’s the whole thing of subscriber growth and metrics analysis. There’s a reason social media is often outsourced to the pros. So that begs the question: is social media really a viable lead generation tool for your small or medium-sized business? Absoutely! Remember that human element we just talked about? Well, these humans are on social media… even during work hours (shocking!)If you want to connect with your prospects, you need to engage with them on social media. And also encourage your employees to get involved. According to PostBeyond, “posts shared by employees went 561% further than the same post shared on a brand-owned channel.

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