5 Ways to Start Training Millennials for Leadership Roles

Although popular culture often portrays millennials as recent college graduates, the truth is that most of them are already well into their 20s and 30s. The question of how to prepare them for leadership positions is not a hypothetical, future-facing question, it is a vital challenge facing organizations right now. Millennials already make up more than a third of the Philippines WhatsApp Number List workforce and will account for around half of all leadership positions within a decade. Organizations that take steps now to identify and prepare high-potential candidates for leadership positions will benefit immensely. Here are some strategies companies can adopt now to better attract future millennial leaders.

Involve Them Early Above All

Involve them early  Above all, it’s important to engage millennials in the leadership development process as soon as possible. More than any previous generation, millennials are far more likely to quit their job if the Philippines WhatsApp Number List believe it doesn’t meet their personal needs and goals. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says the average worker stays on the job for 4.4 years, but 91% of millennials don’t expect to stay in one place for more than three years. Considering that millennials consistently rank

Opportunities to Learn and Grow

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Opportunities to learn and grow as one of the top. Attributes they find attractive in a job. Taking deliberate steps to show them. How they can grow within millennials. Value transparency and communication. Providing them with a very clear view of the structure. Of their organization and the decision-making process at the. Start of their term allows them to imagine the roles they could fill in the future. They tend to value flat management structures. That don’t simply focus on rising to different positions in a hierarchy. Providing them with a quick path to leadership authority is important. Given that a majority of millennials have expressed a desire to lead in workplace surveys.

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