5 Ways to Update Your Email Lists for Increased Engagement

An engaged mailing list pays off. When subscribers open, click, and share your emails, they’re not only more aware of your product, they’re more likely to buy from you. What’s the secret to building an engaged mailing list? A highly engaged list is achiev through a variety of tactics that work in concert to keep subscribers active and (clicking through) happy. To help marketers increase engagement, we’ll explore what email engagement is, why it matters, and provide a list of ways to update your list to drive more engagement. What is Email Engagement? When subscribers interact with your email, they are engaged.

Email Engagement Is a Way to Measure Subscribers

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Why Is Email Engagement Important

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Why is email engagement important? Simply put, engaged subscribers are important to your bottom line. Active and engaged subscribers interact more with your brand and product, which means they are more likely to buy from you. Plus, an engaged email list helps you maintain a solid reputation. It’s true, you may not know this, but you have an email reputation to protect. If subscribers ignore you, or worse, flag your posts as spam, it hurts your reputation. If it gets too bad, you can end up on a blacklist, reducing your chances of delivering emails to your subscribers. 5 Ways to Improve Email Engagement Ready to kickstart your engagement? Use these five tips:1.


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