7 Trends Dominating Content Marketing

Whether or not we are truly in the golden age of content marketing. One thing is certain: the once uphill battle for content. Marketers to gain customer or internal UK Business Fax List content strategy buy-in. Creation and deployment has stabilized. People don’t just want content, they know they want it. And they’re willing to reward brands that give it to them. This realization comes at an exciting time, as platforms. Technologies, and content consumption opportunities are more robust than ever. So what are the big trends in content marketing today? Let’s explore how brands can cut through. The noise and provide their audience with value-driven. Content they’ll engage with and share with.

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Content designed for voice search According to TechCrunch. Voice-enabled smart speakers will be in 55% of homes by 2022. Clearly, we’re in the midst of a voice search revolution. Voice Search Statistics 2018 Due to this impending penetration, creators are scrambling to figure out how to deliver real value with this burgeoning interface. Personal UK Business Fax List genomics companies such as Veritas have presented impressive demonstrations showing the potential integration between voice and next-generation healthcare. For Alexa, it’s the use of the Skills feature that will allow third-party companies to unlock the true power of the interface.

With This Kind of Access, It’s Only a Matter

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With this kind of access, it’s only a matter of time before someone releases a truly killer app that goes beyond just voice functionality and actually gets into content marketing. It’s no wonder VanynerMedia’s VoiceCon in New York explored voice-based opportunities for marketers and brands earlier this year. 2. Automated Content Delivery The idea of ​​a gold megaphone or single message for a brand is becoming more and more old-fashioned. This new world of multiple audiences and use cases, targeting and retargeting capabilities, and automation services from companies like HubSpot and Sharpspring gives marketers the ability to create individual content programs for segments. much smaller audience.

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