7 Ways to Improve Your Blog’s Search Engine Rankings

How to improve your keyword rankings in Google? is perhaps the million-dollar question every blogger has ever wondered. Not long ago, I shared some seo techniques for web pages that help you rank high on google, and today I’m back with some more  Ivory Coast Phone Number List  advanced and data-backed tips to improve keyword rankings. Before departure, I would recommend you check your keyword’s current position so it will help you track improvements after following my tips. Below is a great list of google keyword position checker tools to help you. Share the blog posts that bother you the most. You haven’t worked hard day and night after keeping it in your closet. Instead, let it shine like gold.

Optimize Your Blog Post Title

Your blog post title is the anchor text that pulls visitors to your page from search engines. Be sure to include the keyword, preferably the person you want to rank for. Include narrower, more targeted keywords than broad keywords. For example: if your article on long-tail keywords ” goes to “how to find long-tail keywords for seo” instead of broad long-tail keywords only. While the words themselves have nothing to do with the search results page, they will increase the click-through rate (ctr) which is also a ranking factor. Keep title tags at 59 characters. Google believes that on a screen displaying 512 pixels, this means an average 55-letter title tag is an optimal 50-59 characters.

Add Keywords to Post and Media

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Now that you already have the content, I would recommend you add keywords in a way that doesn’t appear stuffed. Again, try using a variety of relevant keywords in post content that has similar search values. This will help you a lot to get rankings in google. Search engines have become more intuitive and can identify articles from really valuable cheap keywords to crammed articles with relevant keywords too. An average of 2% of the total phrasing required can be used for the assigned keyword. For better search engine rankings, put your main keyword within the first 100 words and repeat the same conclusion too. For images, try using those alt tags on the search bot source to know what your image is.

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