A Customer-centric Growth Framework

Your people. your product. How you promote it. These are all key elements of any growth framework, but there is another element of growth that is often sold short: the customer. Even today, many businesses are so focused on customer acquisition that they neglect to take care of their existing customers. They are losers. Highligths. Happy customers who feel valued bring you new customers. They are also an invaluable source of information that can help you further optimize your framework for growth. Here’s how to create a framework for growth based on your company’s greatest asset: your customers. The 5 Cs of the C factor There are many ways to put the customer at the forefront of a growth framework.

I Do This Using the 5 Cs of the C Factor

I do this using the 5 Cs of the C factor Client experience. Communication Content Community Customer awareness. Let’s take a look at what they mean and how you can put them into practice as part of your own growth framework. 1. Optimize the customer experience Optimizing your customer experience isn’t a “nice thing to do” if you have the Spain Phone number time and resources to do it. Optimizing your customer experience is essential. In fact, research by Walker indicated that by 2020, customer experience will have “overtaken both price and product as a key brand differentiator”.

That’s Why Consumers Will Pay More

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That’s why consumers will pay more for better customer service. And why improving your customer experience should be an ongoing goal that plays a central role in growing your brand. So how can you do this? Start by implementing an onboarding process that serves to optimize the first 60 seconds of each customer’s experience with your product. Make sure customers get a “win” within that time frame. You do this by looking at what customers see after they convert. Is it clear what they should do next? Is it easy for them to do it? Make absolutely sure that new customers know what to do next and that they realize the value of your product as quickly as possible.


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