A Nonsense Reason

An announcement could be, for example: announcing that India Phone Number a film will soon be shown in the cinema. Then you can show the movie poster. But you must meet certain strict conditions. For example, you may not quote more than necessary for your purpose and you must cite a source with the name of the creator. In the India Phone Number case of Rumag, however, we do not come to the right to quote, because the right to quote applies to copyrighted works.

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Back To Childhood

After all, in the case of Rumag, it remains to be India Phone Number seen whether what they use are copyrighted works at all. If the question can be answered with “yes”. Then they do not comply with the right to quote for several reasons. Starting with the lack of the name of the real maker. Not the beauty prize Apart from this legal story, Rumag’s business model obviously does not deserve the beauty prize.

Because I say so

Even though in some cases they won’t be copyright-infringing because the quotes they use aren’t copyrighted. Either way it’s not fair India Phone Number to make money pretending they’ve come up with something when the credit goes to someone else . And earning a big margin from a corona collection, that’s completely crazy. However, this is an ethical story, not a copyright issue. It’s not my cup of tea, words and expressions ‘translated’ one-to-one from English. The Trump Administration?


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