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Assuming that the viewers of the Azerbaijan Phone Number video (in addition to the duration of the video) spent longer on your page or site than non-viewers. These are all indications that the video has generated more engagement. Which is closely related to the brand preference of your visitors. And this brand preference Azerbaijan Phone Number is in the short and long term important for your conversions. Purpose: (indirect and direct) conversion by engaged viewers Video may be primarily a pathway to more engagement.

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Increase stickiness of learning

but that doesn’t mean it can’t deliver Azerbaijan Phone Number fast or instant conversions. In general you can say that the more involved people are, the more likely they are to convert. In addition to the type of video, the extent to which video can provide this depends on the page where this video is shown. If a video is placed Azerbaijan Phone Numberon a page that is intended to generate a lot of leads. Then the video should support this goal. In that case.

Act as a producer

you don’t just want to know how many Azerbaijan Phone Number people viewed it, but more importantly how many viewers eventually turned into a lead . Next, you want to know the true value of this number of ‘video leads’. Only when you compare the conversion rate of viewers against the conversion rate of the non-viewers do Azerbaijan Phone Number you know how successful the video really is. In addition, it is also possible to use video as a direct conversion tool.


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