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All Updates From Our Partners Hubspot and T-shirt Design Service As a multilingual content marketer who spends a lot of time translating, I’m not a fan of GoogleTranslate or any other machine translation when it comes to my job. While AI and other technology applications automate many tasks and make things easier, translation is not one of them. In T-shirt Design Service January, The Atlantic published an article titled “ The Shallowness of GoogleTranslate ”. The reason Douglas Hofstadter calls Google Translate shallow is because of its trap; rather than trying to understand, machine translation solutions like Google Translate try to decode and don’t focus on understanding and meaning. This approach implies that the results may not capture the intended meaning and miss the mark.

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The article then walks through the experiment conducted by Hofstadter to . Demonstrate how google translate fails to account for key details. Such as including only the masculine pronoun in french results instead of using. The pronouns “His” and “Sienne”. In the original text.Bad translations are more common than they should be, and they can even T-shirt Design Service become a game.In the United States, a late-night talk show called The Tonight Show often features a game called “Google Translate” songs that they will play with musical celebrities. By taking the lyrics of popular songs, translating them into a language (like Hungarian, in this example below) , and then translating them into English, viewers wonder how absurd (and often inaccurate) the results will be.

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It is also an example for language teachers around. The world to warn students about the dangers of google translate. The implications for marketing a few weeks ago. An American acquaintance told me the story of the screenshots.She got from a friend in Spanish and English failed what is transcreation by bad example”Is this translation good? He asked. His answer was a resounding no. Why? The problem lies in the first sentence.

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