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How do you incorporate dynamic locations into Greece Phone Number your ads? And now we come to the key question: how do you set it up? Using a feed may scare you off, but I can promise you: it’s easier than you think! Step 1. Download User Location Report First, download the user location report from your account. If you’ve been running the campaigns for your account for a while, you can print the list. The advice is therefore to run a report of your largest account, for the largest possible list of locations. In Google Ads, go to the interface and click Locations on the left . Then click User Location Report in the drop-down menu. You can Greece Phone Number then choose different views. In my example I chose Place.

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Choose a slightly longer period of time, so that Greece Phone Number you get a list that is as complete as possible. Then click on download at the top right to print the list as an Excel file.One marketer is a big fan of it, the other walks around it with a bow: affiliate marketing. Usually not the most popular within the marketing mix of online retailers, also because it is a Greece Phone Number difficult channel with many limitations with little innovation. However, that now seems to be changing. The Complexity of Affiliate Marketing Closeness The affiliate channel has a number of rules that many marketers may have difficulty with. A first point Greece Phone Number is the high degree of closedness of the affiliate networks.

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For example, with some networks you need the Greece Phone Number account managers to be able to acquire publishers and you are not allowed to adjust commissions without passing this on to the network itself. A rather outdated way of working. In addition, the fact remains that you can Greece Phone Number only communicate indirectly with the Greece Phone Number consumer and thus partly relinquish control. targeting Second, there are very limited targeting options within affiliate marketing. You can only vary in Greece Phone Number Greece Phone Number communication in terms of the content of your message.

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