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Increase the attraction of visitors to the company’s website and allow it to relate directly to leads . Automating messages and personalized offers to also increase the chances of converting into sales . Chances are. You came across this content from organica because we’re experts at attracting people — who are looking for landing pages that convert or any other topic. Do you want to know how we can use strategies like these to make your company grow more and better ? Request a free consultation !Google ads and inbound marketing : do the two go together? Why invest in ads when you can get results organically on the internet? Before answering these questions. I want you to look at two interesting.

Statistics: according to a study by clutch . Google ads typically receive four times more clicks than those served Ecuador Cell Phone Numbers on other platforms. Another survey . Released by google itself. Revealed that. On average . For every us$1.00 invested in google ads . Advertising companies earn a return of us$8.00 . What do these data show us? That google’s ad platform is reliable and. When used strategically. Also becomes profitable. So how about understanding how google ads can work together with your inbound marketing strategy ? That’s what we’re going to see now! The definitive handbook of inbound marketing what is google ads? You may have noticed that. On the internet. Ads are everywhere . At the top of your search results page (serp). On youtube videos. And even on the very websites you visit daily.

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Brands manage to appear in so many places? Generally. They use google’s ad platform . A search engine that dominates almost 90% of the market . This platform is called google ads — or google adwords. As it was known until 2018. To give you an idea of how much it is used. Today most of google’s revenue comes precisely from the advertising space hired by advertisers. According to data from statista . The tech giant raised over $209 billion from ads in 2021 (approximately 42% more than in 2020)! Google advertising revenue from 2001 to 2021 (billions of us dollars) google advertising revenue from 2001 to 2021 (in billions of us dollars) – source: statista how does google ads work? Okay. We’ve just seen what google ads is . Now. It’s time for us to understand how it works. That is. How to make an ad on google? Basically.

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The process boils down to six steps : definition of the campaign objective (e.G. Website traffic. Physical store visit. Sales. Lead generation . Brand reach and awareness. App download. Company call. Etc.); choice of the campaign’s audience . That is. Who you want to reach with the ad (you can segment it in several ways: keywords. Age. Gender. Location. Family income. Among other possibilities); choice of ad format (text. Image. Video…); budget definition ; publication of the advertisement ; metric tracking . Oh. It’s also important to know that there are six main types of ads in google ads : research network; display network; video campaigns (youtube); shopping campaigns (google shopping); campaigns for apps (for those who have an app and want to promote it); local campaigns (attracting people to a physical.

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Establishment). Ad on google shopping ad on google shopping – source: google if you want to know more. My colleague. Rodolfo benetti. Talks in more detail about some of the types of ads in google ads in this other content from the blog of orgânica : tip: google adwords: how does it work? Google ads auction I know you might be thinking. “if there are thousands of companies advertising and few places available on the screen. How does google choose which ads to show to each person?” to decide this. Google’s artificial intelligence makes a kind of auction . Based on three factors: bid (the amount you are willing to pay for a click.

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