Boost Download Speeds on Android and Windows

In these days of multimedia downloads, uploading to the internet, no matter how fast the internet connection we get, it always seems slow! In some parts of the world, internet speed is indeed sadly slow, as it has been disproportionately Pakistan Phone Number List caused by the massive utilization of the internet. As a result, we found a lot of people asking how to increase the internet speed on their computers and mobile phones. Have you also ever found it a challenge to increase the speed of your internet? Of course, you do it, we all do it. But how to fix it? Buying a faster internet connection? Maybe. Maybe not. Yes, if you are sure that your isp internet plan does not support higher speeds and your wireless router is old and needs to be upgraded.

Reduce Shared Physical Connections

If there are many users/devices connected to the same internet connection, each will get a lower speed because the bandwidth will be divided among all the users/devices. It is a typical situation in which various family members use the same connection on their computers and mobile phones for a home internet connection. We never pay for any links. We don’t have thousands of backlinks, but our quality is good. Good quality content, citations, and links. As a result, tech welkin is a very popular and well-known website. It is recommended that you cut off some devices that share your internet connection. If you are using the device to download, stream, and read at the same time, it will affect the speed. Turn off some devices to increase speed.

Wireless Connections

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An old wireless router may be compatible with the chosen isp plan. The ideal solution is to talk to the service provider and upgrade the router if needed. Changing your wi-fi channel can also increase internet speed. Please refer to your router’s support for switching to less populated channels. They will help you understand how to access the router and change the wireless channel. It is equally important to make sure your router is fixed. Otherwise, unauthorized users will use your bandwidth, slowing down your connection. If you suspect that someone else is using your wi-fi router’s internet connection by hacking, you should immediately change the password and set a new strong password that cannot be guessed (you can use our strong password generator).

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