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But monetary damages aside, I want to talk Cambodia Phone Number about how we decide to handle refunds and cancellations. Believe it or not, the trend in most conferences these days is to deny all Cambodia Phone Number refunds. For example, SXSW will not refund anyone. Instead, they offer free tickets for future events, whether or not you can attend. My friend Derek Halpern bought a sponsorship package for a cancel event and they refused to Cambodia Phone Number give him a refund. In my opinion, both companies made absolutely wrong decisions.

Their Event In The Cambodia Phone Number

By not allowing refunds, event Cambodia Phone Number owners can keep their money in the short term, but in the long run , people are less likely to attend their event in the future because of the way they handle the situation. In business and in life, you always have to play the long Cambodia Phone Number game! Therefore, for our event, we have decided to offer a refund option to all sponsors and attendees. No questions asked! However, to encourage people to voluntarily keep their tickets, we decided to add some value to their existing Cambodia Phone Number passes. First, we’re fully virtualizing the 2020 Seller Summit.

When You Keep Your Existing Cambodia Phone Number

Cambodia Phone Number

All speakers will be presented in Cambodia Phone Number real-time and we will broadcast everything live to qualified holders. So attendees can ask questions in real-time , and we will extend the duration Cambodia Phone Number of the talks to address the extended question and answer time. But more importantly, by keeping your Seller Summit pass, you not only get access to our virtual events , but also a pass to our next in-person event. Essentially, we’re giving away 2 Cambodia Phone Number sessions for the price of one when you keep your existing tickets.

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