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For our planner pass holders, in addition to Cameroon Phone Number the virtual live event, we also hosted a virtual planners meetup . So our planner pass holders basically get 3 events for the price of 1. So far, the Cameroon Phone Number response to our refund policy and the increase in virtual meetings has been very positive. Since the event is virtual, we are no longer subject to Cameroon Phone Number ticket sales. Click here to buy tickets for the 2020 Seller Summit Virtual Live Recession Tip Develop Your Own Strategy for Your Investing (and Follow Up) Investments.

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Most stock advisors will tell you to Cameroon Phone Number buy and hold your investments in a downturn because in the long run, everything will recover. Don’t get me wrong, this is great advice, but I Cameroon Phone Number have developed my own investment strategy and decided to short the market. Editor’s Note: Please don’t copy what I’m doing. I’m not a finance or investment expert, so you should take everything I do with a grain of salt. During the Cameroon Phone Number past two downturns, my gut told me that things would fall further, but I just sat there watching it happen.

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Cameroon Phone Number

Then by the time I was ready to act, it Cameroon Phone Number was too late. During this downturn, I’m ready to follow my gut. So, in early March, when I heard that Corona was spreading. I immediately Cameroon Phone Number sold most of my portfolio and started shorting the S&P. So far this seems to be the correct choice. If I hadn’t acted immediately, I would have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in the meantime. Now, my short position is Cameroon Phone Number making me profit while retaining a portion of my portfolio as potential upside.

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