Capital and Formalities

Being aware of the male bias is Belarus Phone Number List one of the things you can do. When writing a vacancy text, always add (m/f) if the professional name sounds too masculine. If possible, avoid sentences in which you use his as a reference. Talk about men and/or women as little as possible. And very practical: write in the you-form. Not: ‘ We are looking for someone Belarus Phone Number List. Who is strong in his / her shoes’, but.’ We are looking for you, if you are strong in your shoes’. feminin Finally, when I wrote this article, I wondered if this would make readers think of me as a feminist. I found that thought interesting technically speaking. Because mention the word feminist and you don’t see a man.

Reason For The

With traditional business intelligence – concludes Morsi – it is Belarus Phone Number List verified whether a promotional action or a discount have had an impact on the sales of a specific product, possibly making corrections afterwards . If you get help from analysis systems of this type you can get very important results. But be careful: what yesterday might have seemed something accessory, today is a survival factor . A new generation Market Research, based on the crowdtesting methodology and mainly dedicated to the technological and usability verification of digital products.

Change Process

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Could it be that Belarus Phone Number List the man has it easier than the woman in a job application? The answer to that is yes. This male bias is just as present as all other unconscious biases that communication specialists and marketers anchor in their working methods, simply because applying it has been proven to be effective. We must collectively Belarus Phone Number List want a surgeon or pilot with the best abilities to get the job. And not the surgeon or pilot who best fits the stereotype (word) image. Can we do something about it? Is there a solution to the male bias? Well, not a solution. The male bias is embedded too deeply in our language for that.

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