Cereal, the new typeface for Airbnb

As youtube, netflix or ibm already did, the company airbnb has designed its own typeface, which it has called ‘cereal’. When it made its first appearance, back in 2008, airbnb was setting a precedent in how people around. The world would use the internet to give up use and stay in the homes of complete strangers for their vacations, becoming a platform more of collaborative. Consumption that is still trying to find its place within the legal framework in many countries.

What airbnb was actually doing was laying the foundations for a model. That has spread to many other fields and has made the name of the company almost an adjective. Being a worldwide known project, the redesign of its logo, in 2014, caused rivers of ink to flow, since some questioned the originality of the isotype, and others went further, finding similarities between that ‘a’ and all kinds of situations far removed from vacation rentals between owners.


Branding the World’s Best Restaurants.

Leaving behind all these controversies that philippines photo editor occurred a little less than five years ago, airbnb launches with a more ambitious design project its own typography. Cereal. Cereal, the new typeface for airbnb 1 the typeface in question has been designed by dalton. Maag , a type foundry that has developed typefaces for google, amazon, intel or nokia. The foundry is made up of designers, developers, creatives and software. Engineers of 20 different nationalities capable of communicating in 12 languages. And precisely the issue of multilingualism has become a great challenge for cereal, since airbnb is a company with a presence in more than 190 countries where different languages ​​are spoken and, in addition, in some cases, they are written with various alphabets.

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Stunning Black and White Photo Colorizations.

At the moment cereal supports more than seven Chine Directory languages ​​with a nonlatin alphabet, but on the horizon of its development are chinese, japanese, arabic, devanagari, hebrew, cyrillic, greek and thai. Cereal, the new typeface of airbnb 3 another widely discussed issue has been the issue of font naming. Being a font designed and developed ad hoc, the logical thing. Would have been for it to have been baptized with a name that spoke of the. Identity of airbnb and although for many. It may not seem so at first. Glance, cereal speaks a lot about the history of the company for which was created.

On the one hand, the reference to breakfast is not strange when we are talking about a. Company that is dedicated to the bed breakfast of the 21st century on the other, it was precisely the cereals that served. As a gateway to the y combinator startup accelerator.

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