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I documented everything on. I dug deep into the Chile Phone Number archives to analyze how my e-commerce store performed during the last downturn. In the past, I used to publish 2 earnings reports Chile Phone Number per year. Here are my headlines for 2009 How we increased profits by 147% with an online business What recession? Why Profits Are Up 75% YoY It turns out that our greatest periods of growth occurred during the last downturn! Instead Chile Phone Number of cutting back, my wife and I went the extra mile. Here’s what we’re doing to achieve high levels of growth during a downturn.

We Add Tons Of Chile Phone Number

We maximized our Adwords Chile Phone Number budget – instead of cutting our ad spend. We more than doubled it! We buy in bulk – instead of buying less stock, we buy more to take advantage of cheaper Chile Phone Number prices. Opted for a cheaper shipping method – we negotiated a lower price with the shipping company. Pack our items better – we’ve improved our packaging Chile Phone Number so we can charge higher prices. We add tons of content to the site – we double the content for SEO.

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Chile Phone Number

We redesigned our e-commerce store. We Chile Phone Number revamped our website to increase conversions We’ve invested in more machines. Bought more embroidery machines to expand our personalization offering at a lower price. If your business has a strategy that works well. You Chile Phone Number should be doubling down when prices are cheap and others are afraid. Remember, this downturn is only temporary and when it subsides, you will be in better shape than your competitors if you continue to invest in your business! Start Chile Phone Number Outputting Content content When money is scarce and time is plentiful, you should publish as much content as possible.

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