Collages with a Mexican accent

This mexican artist uses old photographs, prints and images to build incredible surreal collages. Inspired by old black and white photographs, engravings and vintagestyle illustrations, óscar rodríguez portalmar builds his surreal collages. Thanks to the infinite power of composition, óscar unleashes his imagination by building impossible creatures, but no less interesting and beautiful for that. Through his collages he has been creating his own bestiary in which the most unlikely and interesting situations come together. Collages with a mexican accent 1 to compensate for the convoluted nature of his compositions, the mexican uses flat colors, in pastel or light tones, which make his collages stand out even more against the background.


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In addition, it is common for him to incorporate into his jewelry retouch service compositions, along with organic elements and typography, all kinds of geometric figures that also contrast with the botanical elements, animal figures and anatomy that he usually uses in his collages. Collages with a mexican accent 3 amongst óscar rodríguez’s different projects, one particularly stands out, called peces rude , in which the mexican dissects fish and intermingles typically mexican expressions between their scales. More and more photographers are turning to 99designs to have their logo made through a contest . We therefore wondered what advice they would be willing to share with their colleagues, beginners or experts, as well as with any entrepreneur.

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Eight of our photographer clients give you their Chine Directory tips for setting up your own company, developing a marketing strategy, and above all, not forgetting to take photos they also allowed us to post their logo which do you prefer My advice to anyone wanting to get into photography would be to first learn how to use a handheld camera do not touch the automatic functions. Once iso sensitivity, aperture, and exposure time are mastered, you can begin to express yourself visually as a photographer. A welldesigned website can then help you exhibit your work and introduce yourself as an artist.

It is also very important to have business cards to make a good impression over the meetings, which will perhaps become future customers. Of course, the photos you take speak for themselves, but the profile you create for yourself as a photographer will help you grab attention and set you apart from your competition. It constitutes the continuity of your work since it participates in the expression of your artistic sense.

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