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What are automated rules? The term ‘automated Australia Phone Number says exactly what it is. This allows you to automatically make changes to your Google Ads account based on settings and conditions. It actually works on the principle of ‘if-then’.  If you want to see if there are already rules set in your account, take a look at Tools and Settings > Australia Phone Number> Rules. Here you can see all the rules that you set for the account in one overview. So both enabled and interrupted rules. You can also set rules from here, but you can also do that in a different way. I will come back to that later in this article.Are you frequently enabling or pausing Australia Phone Number campaigns, ad groups, or keywords?

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It’s under “bulk actions” in your Ads account. But the Australia Phone Number aforementioned examples are not the only actions that you can have automatically performed in bulk. Below I list a number of actions in combination with situations for Australia Phone Number which you can use the automated rules.  The rules ensure that you can make your campaigns and advertisements far ahead. But they only turn on and off when you want Australia Phone Number them to. For example, do you want to offer a 20% discount on products in your webshop as a gift to all fathers on Father’s Day?

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Keep in mind that the times you enter are Australia Phone Number not the exact moment of switching on or off. Do you want to switch campaigns and/or advertisements on and off on a regular basis, for example every weekend? You can also have this done automatically by applying two rules: one for switching on for the moment and the other for switching off. Increase CPC bids for (top) first page Is your strategy to always appear on the first page in Australia Phone Number the search network? Or maybe even to get to the top of the first page? Then you can also automate the action to increase your maximum CPC ( cost per click ) bid and have it performed Australia Phone Number periodically.  Now I hear you thinking: isn’t this very link?

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