Contentmarketing is te complex

Email is one of the most important channels for UAE Phone Number List many companies. It’s no surprise that we send around 5 billion e-mailings together every year . With a high open and click rate, it seems that your users like your communication. Otherwise, the email would have been deleted unopened, right? But how do UAE Phone Number you know what users really think of your email? How did they experience the message? Was the message for your user as relevant as you thought beforehand?

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In every email you send, ask this question: What UAE Phone Number List do you think of this email? E-mail communication is often automated, and to large groups at the same time. For example, your insight is often limited to only the open, click and unsubscribe ratio of a campaign. By asking what your users think of the e-mail, you receive very specific feedback. Even if something doesn’t work, such as a UAE Phone Number List hyperlink. Collect user feedback In addition to the existing KPIs for e-mail communication, you can add a score or report mark to this.

First things first

And you can send to that. Perhaps users UAE Phone Number List of your product or service experience the e-mailings in which you inform them about new features very positively. And e-mailings in which you want to sell them something are not. You can optimize on this by looking at the segment you are approaching and UAE Phone Number List with which proposition. Where do you keep all this user feedback? If you use tooling, such as Hotjar, all user feedback is stored there.

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