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Do you know what needs your readers have from Brazil Phone Number List your site? Do they want news, information, inspiration or the occasional distraction? It can be useful to map out reader needs and respond to them with your content. At Vogue, by focusing on ‘ readers ‘ needs , they have been able to significantly increase Brazil Phone Number List website visits. I found the approach very interesting and share the highlights. I recently watched Sarah Marshall’s (Head of Audience Growth at Vogue International) presentation on YouTube.

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About their focus on reader needs (I came across the presentation and related articles through this article on by Elger van der Wel ). Sarah explains in her presentation how she has grown visits to the websites (worldwide) by Brazil Phone Number List studying why people read stories and by looking in the data to see what they read. In summary: Map out what reader needs your audience has. Do a content audit and see for each article which need is addressed.

What percentages cover all the needs currently on your site? Map the average number of views per need . Overlay these data. Which need Brazil Phone Number List gets a lot of views, but do you have little content for? In other words: where do you see room to grow ? Next step for advanced users: when can you best respond to which needs? What does the reader actually want? First of all , ask yourself: what kind of content should you create for your target audience? There are many ways to find out.


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