Creating the Perfect Linkedin Profile for a Digital Marketing Job

LinkedIn is one of the best tools available for finding jobs, but it’s also a great tool for recruiters and hiring managers to vet their candidates before inviting them for an interview or when deciding who to hire. If you’re looking for a career in digital, a strong resume might get you an interview, but a strong LinkedIn profile will set you apart. A strong Austria Business Fax List LinkedIn profile doesn’t just mean you’ve filled in all the fields, there are a few extras that will make you stand out from the crowd and show the potential employer that you’re serious about digital. Let’s start with the basics, then go through those extras. The essentials  Profile Picture Choose a neutral profile picture with a plain background.

Remember, This Is a Professional Network

Remember, this is a professional network, not your Instagram account. So a photo of you at a party with your friends is not appropriate, and please, no selfie. 2. Background picture This is a fairly new.  Austria Business Fax List LinkedIn feature that not many people use. If you don’t add your own background photo, LinkedIn just uses the standard background photo, so you’ll know if someone doesn’t have one. In terms of improving the quality of your profile, this is more of an aesthetic preference. Austria Business Fax List but from a marketing perspective, it shows that you know all the features of.

Linkedin and Are Experimenting With Them

Austria Business Fax List

LinkedIn and are experimenting with them all. It’s also an opportunity to add a little personality, for example mine is a photo of the entrance to a beach, highlighting my passion for travel. 3. Title Austria Business Fax List Create a catchy headline that will highlight your best qualities. Most people will put their job title as the title, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But if you’re not currently employed, think about how you can use that title to showcase what you can offer. For example, “experienced blogger with over 50,000 monthly visits” stands out much more than “marketing student looking for a full-time job”. 4. Résumé In this section, LinkedIn offers you 2000 characters to tell your story.


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