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Often when we have the data available, we confuse owning it with actual reading ability. Having the data does not mean knowing how to read them and being able to transform the data into an action is what is most difficult in this job.  The war on the uselessness of data begins, the revolution from data to action arrives.

The information pyramid In the DIKW pyramid we find a concept that I think is really effective when we talk about the usefulness of information. information pyramid The data is crude and can exist in many forms, but it has no meaning taken on its own. Once we understand the data, we can answer some questions, such as who, what, when, where, why; only then does the data become useful and can it be defined as information .

The Information Pyramid

Information, therefore, is a datum that has taken. On meaning thanks to the understanding of the relationships existing. Between the Uganda Phone Number datum itself and in our case the marketing actions. Knowledge , on the other hand, arises from the appropriate collection of information. The process consists of identifying patterns, repetitive structures or patterns that are organized and structured.

The concept is broad and not easy to define, especially here. Finally, wisdom is an exploratory process. Here too, it works a bit like in life: if we apply our knowledge to many areas, mixing it with ethics, morals, judgments, experience and much more, knowledge becomes wisdom. Finally, some describe wisdom as the ability to increase effectiveness. Although at first this vision may seem distant from marketing, in reality it helps us to approach the subject with different eyes, with a neutral gaze free from preconceptions.

The Knowledge Funnel

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The Knowledge funnel We often see this image recurring when it comes to describing the process that leads from data to decisions. analysis and decisions This image derives from a broader concept applied to innovation, the so-called “knowledge funnel” of Roger Martin, a great explorer of the sea of ​​design thininking . In this model, innovation always starts from a mystery that hides infinite possibilities. Note how heuristics represent the transposition of a cluster analysis . Then we arrive at the maximum simplification, that is the algorithm that represents an explicit sequence. The Knowledge Funnel from Roger Martin’s “The Science of Art and Business” (Originally published in Rotman Magazine, Winter 2009.) This model ties in with analytical reasoning and completely improves upon it.

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