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There seems to be a set of stars aligning in my life lately. Last week, I had the opportunity to interview Joey Coleman on the Wayfinding. Growth podcast about creating a great customer experience for your business. Then, later in the week, I had a block of time with HubSpot’s Michael Redbord to tape two episodes of Sprocket Talk, our HubSpot-specific channel. Our conversation centered around customer service and HubSpot’s new Service Hub. Again, I think someone is trying to tell me something here. I always thought I provided great customer service, and I still do, but my eyes are open to how much better it could be! In this article, I’m going to summarize some of the main points raised by Michael in our interview, as well as the points on which it took me.

Feel Free to Watch the Episode Here First or Just Read

Feel free to watch the episode here first or just read on. Before diving into the rest of the article, you might want to know a bit more about Michael. I mean, I contacted him for a reason. Michael Redbord’s career for at least the USA Phone number past eight years has been dedicated to customer service at Hubspot. When we say service, we mean working, working and managing after-sales service. Michael_Redbord Michael has been in the customer service trenches for HubSpot since they were a small company until today. Heck, many of you reading this may have spoken to Michael at one point or another with your own HubSpot woes. By the way, HubSpot hasn’t been a small company for long. However, Michael understands customer services big and small because of his background.

Hubspot Has Service Teams With General

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HubSpot has service teams with general consultants and implementation professionals. Michael humbly stated that he has essentially spent the last eight years of his professional life making Hubspot’s after-sales service what it is today. Of course, he said, this was only possible with the help of his incredible team and colleagues! It was fun to listen to him talk about his joy at joining HubSpot when they were a small company, with around 100 employees. Experiencing this journey and leading this team until last year has really positioned him for his new role within the service desk product team. Now, he’s helping grow the service desk product and helping everyone learn from some of the mistakes, as well as successes, he’s addressed in HubSpot’s after-sales service.

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