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According to data from forrester research. Nearly two-thirds of customer-company interactions occur through customer service. Customers often turn to customer service or customer support teams for. Help throughout the customer journey. Whether it’s integration issues, user experience difficulties. Or product misfires, the customer support or customer service agent is often the customer’s “First responder. The quality of customer support interactions is a big driver of customer satisfaction. But too often agents don’t have the customer data they need to do their best job. With the right tools, customer support teams can become agents of customer success. And their work can lead to increased customer satisfaction.

The Customer Opens a Support Ticket and

The customer opens a support ticket and the assigned agent begins the problem resolution process as soon as possible. KPIs for customer support teams typically include number of incidents resolved, average incident resolution time, number of incidents created per user, and customer satisfaction scores. More often than not, customer support teams are considered to Lebanon WhatsApp Number List be in the “cost center” column rather than the “profit center” column. The company’s goal is to increase revenue and reduce costs. Therefore, according to the current paradigm, the smaller the customer support team, the better. Are we expecting enough from customer support? Is achieving excellence as measured by the usual KPIs enough? Given their role as the primary personal face of the business for most customers.

When Asked About Their Roles

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When asked about their roles, customer support managers often express that they want their position to allow them to have a greater impact on the organization. They know that customer support teams interact with customers at key points in the relationship. They know that their teams play a crucial role in maintaining customer satisfaction. What if they could actually contribute positively to results by identifying new opportunities during their interactions? What if they had the knowledge to be able to proactively identify the risks presented by the company’s products or services before they affect the results.

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