Data Analysis or Data Visualization? Why You Need Both

Although now touted as one of an organization’s most valuable assets. Data alone is worthless without the supporting technologies to mine. Process, organize and analyze it. Simply put, the value of business. Data is not in every bit, byte. Or field, but in the results and insights that can be gleaned. From the relationships between data points. The  more “voluminous” the data. The more this holds true. Recognizing this, more and more. Business intelligence (bi) solutions are emerging that collect all kinds of data. Span many departments and serve a multitude of purposes. Or field, but in the results and insights that can be gleaned.

For Convenience and Efficiency, It’s Best to Have

For convenience and efficiency, it’s best to have all of these solutions linked to a single BI tool to provide the most accurate, complete and broad picture of business performance. But, once obtained, what tools will give decision-makers the best insights, conclusions and results to guide them? What should a company do to make the most of the Australian Email Lists masses of data it collects? Analysis or visualization.  Data analytics has proven itself time and time again in helping companies examine structured and unstructured data sets and extract useful insights so key stakeholders can make more informed and effective decisions.

Analytics Can Be Prescriptive, Predictive, Diagnostic

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Analytics can be prescriptive, predictive, diagnostic and/or descriptive to produce insights, observe trends, compare metrics, etc. But he can’t do much. Endless columns and rows of alphanumeric data can be difficult to digest on a large scale. Depending on the level of detail stakeholders need to draw actionable conclusions, as well as the need to Australian Email Lists interact with or explore the data, traditional data analytics may not be sufficient for companies to excel in the field. competitive market today.

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