Defining the Audience Is an Essential

Ahead of this Content Marketing Institute (CMI) flagship event, I had the opportunity to speak to author Robert Rose , CMI’s inspirational Chief Strategy Advisor. Robert typically helps big brands with strategic content marketing issues, but I have Japan Phone Number questions about B2B content marketing challenges for SMBs. Innovation in content marketing often seems to be accompanied by preconditions such as sufficient time, high budgets and a lot of knowledge. How can an SME with limited resources still be practical, distinctive and effective? Pointer 1: What content should an SME focus on? Content creation remains the biggest challenge in content marketing. Smaller companies typically have less time, fewer resources, and less budget available.

That You Should Strive

If you’re a small business with a growth strategy, where would you focus your content creation efforts? Focus on top-of-the-funnel or bottom-of-the-funnel content first . And can you explain why? Top-of-the-funnel content focuses on targeting the entire potential market. For example, it is aimed at increasing brand awareness, building an audience or increasing views and click. Bottom-of-the-funnel content focuses on lead generation and lead nurturing. Leads are generated, for example, by offering specific e-books and webinars, which respond to specific customer questions. Robert: “The answer to the question of where to start is difficult, regardless of the size of the company. My general advice is the same for small businesses as it is for large businesses.


You Should Strive

The question is: ‘Where is the most pain?’ If the company is struggling with obscurity, the top-of-the-funnel is the place to start. But if the company is losing customers to the competition, you may want to focus on customer loyalty. Increase the findability of your company with a content platform Wherever you start – the key is to focus on the content platform that will help your business the most for that specific part of the customer journey. For example, many SMEs face brand awareness challenges. They are trying to make more people aware of their existence. So my focus there would be based on 2 goals: I would increase the findability of my company by creating a content platform (such as a blog or knowledge hub.

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