Diagnosing Bad Memory, Failure Has Diagnostic Tools

If your computer is unstable and crashes quite a bit, the tech guys will suggest you do a ram test. But what exactly is ram and how to test it? Ram is the memory in your computer. Ram stands for random access memory and it is required for Belize Phone Number List programs to run on your computer. If your memory goes bad, you might get various bad memory errors or your computer might behave erratically. Before we talk about how to do a ram test, let’s take a look at some symptoms that might indicate a bad ram situation. But even before that, let’s tell you exactly how ram memory chips look! It has started.

Symptoms of Bad Memory Call for a Ram Test

Video playback is not smooth. When you play the video xiao qing uses jerky motion. Unwanted lines and black areas appear on the screen from time to time. Your computer will stop working and freeze for a considerable period of time possible from a few seconds to a few minutes. The computer restarts itself. You are doing some work and suddenly you see your computer restart. This may indicate a memory failure. Your data files are damaged. Blue screen of death: in computer lingo, this phrase is used for those who suddenly appears after a blue screen and the system gets crashed. The screen shows a lot of white text which doesn’t make sense to the most layperson.

How Does the Ram Test Tool Work?

A memory test tool basically writes data into memory, checks the integrity of the memory, and then reads it back. If the data read during the test is the same as the written. The memory is considered to be in good condition. A bad ram memory chip will have the same location to read the data written to it and there is a difference between the data. The above screen shows that the ram is all fine and no issues were found. However, if the memory chip fails any test, windows will tell you the detailed results. An example of a failed test screen is shown below: if the windows memory diagnostic tool shows any failed tests.  You can be sure that the ram in your computer is not working properly. At least one of the chips may need to be changed.

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