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But with a lot fewer page more on this later). While you might not immediately think of storytelling when you see their ads, British bakery chain Greggs clearly sees potential in such exciting content. Surprisingly, for a baker. But no less effective for that. When you say visual storytelling, you naturally say film. And do you want to get your audience excited about a movie? Then you put a part of your story in a catchy trailer. An exciting audiovisual piece of art to tease New Zealand Phone Number people just enough. In recent years we have also felt the same energy in teasers of, for example, new fashion and tech releases (iPhone in Greggs’ ads! Also read: Social media: the trends, features and must-reads for the second half of 2021 Greggs vs. iPhone The fast-food bakery, by definition not always the healthiest, has something to say.

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In their communication, however, they do not opt ​​for the ‘Better World’ story, but prefer a short, powerful message that tells the world about their ‘great’ change of course. ‘Over-the-top-iPhone-release-amazing ‘High-end-fashion-collab-amazing’! This resulted in catchy, triggering trailers for vegan sandwiches. With humor and satire as the main drivers, Greggs managed to take the world in their own way in this new chapter of bakery life. Greggs vs. fashion 2. Tell your story in smells, colors and sounds Unlike with a book, in addition to text. We have a range of other elements on social media that we can use to cause a trigger.


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So images that stand out from all the content violence are essential to get your story across. In addition, audio can also be of great added value. Certainly on platforms such as TikTok, where music that appeals to the target groups plays a leading role. A great example of telling your story in scents (figuratively, happily) and colors is Burger King’s much-discussed ‘Moldy Whopper’. Opinions on the campaign, in which the hamburger giant allowed its crown jewel to rot in front of the camera, were divided. But there is no doubt about its success. Though abhorrent in a way, it turned out to be a great way to get their story about more natural products and eliminating artificial preservatives on the stage.

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