Digital Demand Generation Campaigns: How to Generate Qualified Leads

The top priority for b2b marketers in 2018 is to improve lead quality rather than quantity. According to demand gen report’s 2018 benchmark survey report. Improving the percentage of leads considered “Qualified. Is the organization’s primary goal, followed by improvement. Conversion rates and campaign results. And then generating an increased volume of leads. Priorities_graph image credit: demand gen report marketing. Executives from b2b organizations in north america, EMEA. And apac who responded to demand gen report’s survey face challenging measures of success. In the months ahead. For example 33% indicated that their top kpis are qualified. Leads for marketing and sales, while 30% indicated the total percentage. Of the revenue pipeline influenced by marketing activities.

How to Generate More Qualified

Unsurprisingly, only 14% of B2B organizations are sticking to the total number of leads or inquiries as their primary indicator of success. The success of demand generation programs is no longer measured solely by the volume of leads, but by how many of those leads are qualified and nurtured through the buying process. How to Generate More Nigeria WhatsApp Number List Qualified Leads B2B and B2C campaigns have one thing in common: they are both aimed at people. People and relationships are at the heart of B2B and B2C campaigns. In both cases, the customer must go through the awareness, reflection and decision stages of the buyer’s journey.

That Said, B2b Buyer Decisions Are

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That said, B2B buyer decisions are much more decision-driven. B2B buyers are not spending their own money and are not primary risk takers. Shopping for a company comes with a lot of pressure to do the right thing. If the B2B buyer makes the wrong decision, they may at least be embarrassed by the organization and in some cases their professional reputation and career could be at stake. This is why B2B buyers are generally very specific in what they are looking for and very risk averse. The pressure is different. Risk aversion is different. The purchase decision-making process is different. But it’s still people you need to target, not anonymous organizations. You have to remember that people come with hopes, ambitions and a lot of frustrations.


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