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By saving (and thus always achieving a small goal), we get small dopamine shots. That feels good and we are extra motivated by it. Whether the makers of Donald Duck have made a collection for that reason? I don’t think so, but the fact is that we are UK Phone Number going well on these kinds of actions: Savings campaign in the Donald Duck, a form of marketing psychology. In this advertisement, you can see that you can save pockets. If you put them all next to each other, the end goal is created: a long image that is made by the individual booklets. Once you start saving, you have to buy them all, otherwise, the picture will not be complete. Just as bad as a puzzle with a missing piece.

Out From Others

We remember unfinished tasks better than completed tasks. In addition, we would like to round them off: the Zeigarnik effect. When you start saving, you want to finish it until the end goal. Only then will your subconscious regain rest in this area. In 2016, Zhang & Gao investigated how best to use a savings program. They showed that a savings campaign in steps motivates us the most. We are therefore the most loyal. Colleague Patrick Wessels wrote an interesting article there earlier about it earlier. Just a few examples from a random children’s magazine. As I indicated earlier: I think that Donald Duck is still quite innocent in terms of influencing techniques and that the techniques are not always used consciously.


Always Make Sure

Do you have examples from other magazines for children? Let us know below.It’s almost Black Friday! The shopping day is the starting signal for shopping for Christmas. For attractive prices, because during this period it rains offers from (online) retailers. But when do you start your actions? And which preparations should you not forget? No time to waste! In this article, I list all Black Friday advice from recent times. The Dutch are looking forward to the holidays more than ever and are starting their shopping earlier. And so marketers are making preparations extra early this year.

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