Disable Onedrive and Delete It in Windows 10

If you’re using Windows 10, chances are, you’ll be familiar with OneDrive. If you’re reading this, chances are, you’re going to disable or remove OneDrive from your computer! OneDrive was formerly known as SkyDrive and Windows Live Folders. OneDrive is a Microsoft cloud hosting  Afghanistan Phone Number List  service that lets you upload your files and sync them to the cloud. The advantage of uploading files in the cloud is that they will still be available to you anywhere in the world even if your computer crashes, even if you don’t have your own computer, for your safety. However, not everyone wants to use OneDrive. Some people like to use other cloud services (like Dropbox, iCloud, and Google Drive) and some others just don’t want to use any cloud services at all.

Disable One Drive in Windows 10 Pro Enterprise

First, let’s understand what disables the one drive average. If you disable it, one drive won’t connect with any apps and it won’t sync with the cloud. Also, the one drive icon in the file browser will disappear. If your computer is being used by other people, they will not be able to access one drive because they are prohibited from doing it at the group policy level; this affects all user accounts on the computer. The above steps will completely disable one drive on your pc. Now, you won’t see the one drive icon in the file manager. These people often want to disable or completely remove one drive from the computer.

How to Get Back Onedrive?

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If you change your mind, you can always get one drive back again by going to the local group policy editor and disabling the option to prevent the use of one drive for file storage. This will bring one drive and bring it back to life. Windows 10 home edition does not come with the local group policy editor. So, you need to tweak the Windows registry a bit to disable one drive on your pc. The above tweak only disables one drive. However, if you want to completely remove one drive from your computer, you can do so using windows’ built-in uninstall tool (you can’t uninstall it from the control panel). However, uninstalling one drive is not recommended for the following reasons.

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