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The way of communicating is fundamentally different in a group Argentina Phone Number List than on a timeline, where there is only one sender, for example the municipality. In a group, all members of the community can start a conversation and respond to each other. This Argentina Phone Number List creates a sense of equality and therefore a greater willingness to participate. Furthermore, the possible content forms in groups are equal to the timeline. Photo (album), (live) video, events, polls, documents.

A Basis Is Created

Texts are almost always masculine. In science there is even a name Argentina Phone Number List  for this. male bias . Is the male bias a problem? Yes. More on that later. First an explanation of the three factors that make the Dutch language masculine. Have a look at the examples Argentina Phone Number List below. Then I pronounce you husband and wife Dear Sir Madam Anyone want to take his or her coat from the chair All boys and girls like to collect! Turning around is almost impossible:

For Change

Argentina Phone Number List

If you look closely at the title of the law on equal treatment, something Argentina Phone Number List stands out. the equal treatment of men and women ‘ . Note the order. The man comes first. The woman second. And in practice this does not happen just once, but actually always as soon Argentina Phone Number List as men and women are listed together. But that order is not all. In total, 3 factors play a role that give our language a strong masculine character. Order – the man is mentioned first Nouns – most nouns are conjugated with masculine being Professional designations – the male profession is the starting point here Based on this, only one conclusion seems possible: women are disadvantaged in the Dutch language.

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