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In the event that, what is Marketing Management and which are the most accredited Masters in Italy? Starting with Kotler, the figure of the Marketing Manager is transformed into an increasingly multifaceted resource. T he Marketing Management becomes an integral part of economic dynamics. And is recognized as a science that has the task of identifying. And satisfying human and social needs. In the first place, marketing Management: meaning Fully re-evaluating the hitherto known scenario. Kotler here the English pdf of Marketing Management of 2007 , proposes a new corporate structure . With holistic objectives and means. The consumer becomes the protagonist of the whole strategic planning process. By the same token, With the term Marketing Management we refer to all those activities of companies aimed at studying the market and managing relations with it.

Marketing Management: Meaning

As a result, through the study of demand marketing Namibia Phone Number facilitates the marketing of goods. And services by modeling and promoting the offer. Marketing Management is , again according to Kotler’s definition, “the art and science of choosing target markets, as well as acquiring, maintaining and growing through the creation, distribution and communication of a superior value for the customer “. Marketing aims to develop satisfying exchanges that benefit both customers and marketers . The customer expects to obtain a reward or benefit in excess of the costs you incurred in a marketing transaction. The firm, in turn, expects to get something of value in return, usually represented by the asking price for the product. Through the buyer-seller interaction a customer develops expectations about the seller’s future behavior.

What Does a Marketing Manager Do

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For this reason, What does a Marketing Manager do? marketing management The Marketing Manager is the head of product management; his responsibility may also include activities such as market research and advertising but does not include, at least in the European sense, sales and distribution. Over the past 20 years, this professional figure has branched out by adapting and responding to technological innovations. Today the Marketing Manager becomes also or exclusively the Web Marketing Manager or Digital Marketing Manager dedicated to the management of all online marketing processes and campaigns, creating a new figure or an expansion of skills that were previously purely offline. Given the objectives and mission of a company, the Marketing Manager develops marketing strategies that contribute to the corporate strategy. An evolving figure Today the Marketing

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