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When a customer buys an item from Ecuador Phone Number you that is delivered by AliExpress. Shipping can take weeks or even months Sometimes items are junk, counterfeit or broken in transit. The quality Ecuador Phone Number control of AliExpress items is terrible, you can’t control it You have to provide customer service for cheap, crappy products with poor delivery times Your prices on AliExpress may change at any time. Does this sound like a Ecuador Phone Number business you want to run for the long haul? If you’re still thinking about it, keep reading below.

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What is ePacket shipping? electronic Ecuador Phone Number package There’s one thing we haven’t discussed right now, and that’s shipping. Shouldn’t ship from China cost an arm and a leg? This is where ePacket shipping comes into play. Thanks to a 144-year-old treaty called the Ecuador Phone Number Universal Postal Union (UPU) , Chinese companies can ship small packages directly to U.S. consumers at ridiculously low prices , far lower than any U.S. company. For example, shipping a small package from North Carolina to Ecuador Phone Number Fairfax, Virginia costs. But shipping a package from Shanghai, China to Virginia is only $1.12 . Yes. You read it right.

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Ship a package from China to the Ecuador Phone Number US for just! Just for fun, I opened the USPS website to see how much it would cost to ship a very light package from California to China, and Ecuador Phone Number here’s what I found. USPS to China Shipping the mouthguard to China costs $23.50! But shipping from China to California from a Chinese supplier that costs less than $2! This huge difference in shipping costs makes AliExpress Ecuador Phone Number dropshipping a viable business. Using our mouthguard example above, you could sell a snoring mouth guard for $26 and pay a Chinese supplier

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