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if it has already been laid down in outline in the business Bolivia Phone Number List strategy. In the context of the brand policy, this is then summarized as a value proposition. It describes how your brand stands out. From values ​​to words Ultimately. We translate this into a brand promise. It makes clear what customers can count on. Some examples: H&M talks about. ‘More fashion, which is good Bolivia Phone Number List for people, the planet and your wallet’ Starbucks says: ‘Inspiring and nurturing the human spirit – one person, a cup and a neighborhood all at once’ BMW promises: ‘The ultimate vehicle’ Google digs to: ‘Organize the world’s information, make it accessible and useful’ If the brand promise is beautifully worded, you can base the writing style for the core messages and other texts on this.

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This gives customers a substantive picture of your brand and Bolivia Phone Number List organization. As that suits them better, they will be willing to take the next step. Earn preference This brings us to the ‘yellow’ part of the stairs. The customer now has sufficient knowledge; it’s now about the attitude towards your brand. The adage ‘not words but deeds’ also applies here. It’s time to deliver on Bolivia Phone Number List everything you’ve promised (through your brand promise). In this ‘pre-sales’ process, it is important to ensure the optimal customer experience. The customer has not yet purchased. So it’s all about making sure that every other interaction with your brand is a positive experience. Continue to ensure consistency . Make sure that all means of communication (online, offline, personal) reinforce the message about your brand.

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Of course, just like your target group, you look at the competition. What do Bolivia Phone Number List they do and how do they compare to you? That relative score is something that sometimes However, if you ultimately want to gain customer preference, the aim is simply to Bolivia Phone Number List score (just) slightly better than your competitor. Keep that in mind in customer satisfaction and competition research, otherwise you may pass out . Influencer marketing avant la lettre In order to be preferred and to become favorable , it is important that brand values ​​align well with the interests of the target group.

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