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The pricing changes will apply to El Salvador Phone Number most international shipments weighing less than 4.4 lbs, which applies to almost all AliExpress dropshipping transactions. Take my word. From July 1, 2020, AliExpress direct sales will no longer be profitable. If you’re El Salvador Phone Number thinking about this business model right now, it’s already counting down to its demise. Other effects of packet disappearance Electronic Packet RIP Higher international shipping rates from China will cause huge ripples in the e-commerce industry, which is expected to benefit both consumers and sellers. Today, most El Salvador Phone Number counterfeit sales from China are possible thanks to cheap ePacket shipping.

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As a specific example from the El Salvador Phone Number Atlantic, a man named Mike. DeVries used to sell wheel bearings on eBay for $5 to $8 each for a certain brand of lawn mower. But Chinese El Salvador Phone Number sellers started selling a pack of 20 wheel bearings for $10, essentially putting him out of business. This is the kicker. Mike costs more to ship the bearings to the US than it would cost a Chinese seller to ship these bearings from. China to El Salvador Phone Number the US! Currently, thousands of Chinese sellers on Amazon and eBay are using ePacket to sell cheap, lightweight items directly to U.S. consumers.

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In theory, the increase in international El Salvador Phone Number shipping costs should reduce. The amount of junk we see merchants fulfilled on Amazon and eBay. Also, companies like Oberlo that promote AliExpress dropshipping on Shopify will become less attractive. What about El Salvador Phone Number other forms of direct selling? direct sales While AliExpress dropshipping may die out, that doesn’t mean regular domestic drop shipping is going away anytime soon. Today, a large number of retailers rely on direct sales to fulfill orders directly to customers without carrying inventory. For example, Zappos long ago El Salvador Phone Number used dropshipping to dominate the footwear market and most major retailers in the U.S.

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