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Marshall was tasked with researching how to France Phone Number increase traffic to Vogue’s websites. And in this chart, she saw quite a bit of white space. She wondered: what would happen if we focus less on ‘talk me up’ and more on the other needs, such as ‘inspire me’? Create content that meets reader needs Each editorial team France Phone Number was then given tailor-made advice, as readership needs differed from country to country. Vogue India, among others, got to work enthusiastically.

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They wrote less articles for the need to ‘talk France Phone Number me up’ and more with ‘inspire me’ in mind. Vogue India content performance. Image source: Hacks/Hackers London . It can be as simple as adjusting the title and angle of a piece about a fashion show. As a result, traffic to Vogue India has more than doubled France Phone Number in a year. Marshall does note that it is of course difficult to attribute this 100% to their needs assessment. Also interesting: moments Vogue now has an overview of the needs.

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But they can also differ at any time of the day. As a reader, you may want to read a ‘talk to me’ article in the morning, and something France Phone Number inspiring in the evening. Or vice versa. Marshall and her team have therefore also linked readership needs to news moments . This is also interesting to test with your readers. News moments table. Needs and moments In summary, two questions to consider for yourself when creating content:


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