Error Code 495: Fixing Issues with Google Play Store

We all love the free apps available from the google play store. It’s easy to download anything you need on your android phone. However, at times while downloading the app, you may encounter a strange error, due to the error that reads like. The app could not be downloads. Users will often repeatedly try to download the desired application Bahamas Phone Number List but will refuse to leave with error code 495. In today’s article, we will give you some steps to resolve error code 495. Let’s learn how to solve this problem. Error code 495 is usually displayed on an android device when an app is downloaded from the google play store over a wi-fi connection. You should try the following methods in the given order. These methods are organized by increasing the difficulty and security of the data.

Getting Error Code 495? Change Your Mobile Connection

If you get this error multiple times. The first thing you should try is to change your mobile internet connection. If you are using a wifi connection, try switching to a mobile data connection. If you are using mobile data, then try to download your app over an available wifi connection. This simple toggle may easily solve your problem. However, if the problem persists, proceed to the next step. If these methods work and the error code 495 still lingers, you might go for a hard reset (also known as formatting the phone or factory reset ). This option must be used only if nothing else works, as this method will delete all data and apps from the phone.

Enable Location Access

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Error code 495 seems to be related to your phone’s location. Google uses your phone’s location to serve you locally relevant information (such as real-time traffic information) and may also want to know your location when you download an app. This is just what we are guessing. Sometimes we don’t allow google to access our phone’s location. But access in the open location can solve your problem with error code 495. To enable location access, do as shown below: if you already have a virtual private network (vpn) app, then through it, you can route your download requests. Just open the vpn app and choose a country like us/UK/Canada as the origin of the connection. Once connected, try downloading the app again and see if error code 495 persists.

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