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Economics teaches us many things, from sociology to psychology. Economics, like these sciences, studies demand and therefore consumers. By studying economic theories, the context of action is better studied. THEORY OF THE LONG AND WALL TAIL But let’s move on to a bit of history . Where did Anderson’s intuition come from for the creation of this theory? In 1897 Vilfredo Pareto discovered that the distribution of wealth in England was unequal. About 20% of the population held 80% of the country’s total wealth. This type of distribution later also called Paretian distribution.

Theory of the Long and Wall Tail

Power-law distributions Peru Phone Number they are asymptotic. They tend to zero without ever reaching it.  It means that the curve continues to infinity and for this reason it is called a “long tail curve”. Hence the name of the theory. It was therefore found that, for many events, about 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes . In the economy of the twentieth century , marketing strategies were aimed at  Today the public is moving elsewhere: thanks to the internet and as a consequence of the increase in social complexity, niches proliferate and the alternatives that hold our attention grow . The long tail explains in economic terms this shift of attention on the part of consumers, through a graph that integrates the sales of hits with those of niche products.

The Theory of the 6 Degrees of Separation

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We are talking about futurist theories with almost 100 years of prediction History therefore continues to teach… The surprising result was that it did not take hundreds of connections to reach the recipients but only between 5 and 7 connections ! Hence the ” small world theory” published in various sociology and semiotic journals. Deepening FREEMIUM It will be a “free” world: not free, but at least free . It is the gospel of Chris Anderson, guru of Wired , who in 2009 published his highly anticipated book: “Free” According to some, Anderson was the epigone of a new culture , revealed with the success of the web, where the costs of publication and distribution of information are almost nil.

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