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That’s why it doesn’t hurt to be thrown back into South Africa Phone Number the digital school benches every now and then to refresh the rules. So that the chance of these dt accidents in your texts is smaller again. Image accompanying article about dt errors. 3. Instagram South Africa Phone Number stops swipe-up, how do you add a link now? It will take some getting use to. After years of swiping up, the swipe-up link disappears in Instagram Stories. The feature will be rolled out to all verified accounts and accounts with more than 10,000 followers in the near future.

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They will receive the link sticker South Africa Phone Number in return. In this article you can read how the new link sticker works and why Instagram makes this choice. Instagram’s swipe-up feature. 4. 7 tips to get ready at 3pm every day In Sweden they have known it for a long time: working less works. Because a shorter working day or working week ensures that employees South Africa Phone Number use their time more effectively and get more done in less time. Do you dare to experiment? These tips are a good start to save time.

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Photo of coffee with article about productivity at South Africa Phone Number work.  Online marketing: the trends & tips for the second half of 2021 Would you like to learn more about the most important trends and developments in online marketing? In South Africa Phone Number this Summerread colleague, Tineke Pauw will update you. She also asked a number of colleagues how they view the developments in the field of B2B marketing, SEO and the preparations for a cookie-free future in mid-2021.


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