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If you want to identify the needs yourself, your China Phone Number can copy them or investigate whether your readers have other needs. Then do a reader survey and ask readers to rank them in order of importance. This way you can discover the importance of each need and find growth opportunities for yourself. Also, China Phone Number read: Adoption of the digital work environment: shared awareness of usefulness & necessity What needs are you already responding to? The second step: Marshall performed a content audit.

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She and her team put all the articles China Phone Number from one month into a spreadsheet. For each article, they indicated which need it responds to (exceptionally, a secondary need was added). She could then use this data to see which needs they responded to a lot. For example, 38% of all content was ‘update me’ and only 2% ‘make me responsible’. How many views do articles of a certain type of need China Phone Number score? As a third step, they looked at the average number of views per type of article.

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For example, it turned out that articles that respond to the needs of ‘teach me’ and ‘inspire me’ attract much more traffic per article than, for example, ‘talk me up’. In the graph below you can see the difference between the amount of China Phone Number of articles per need (bar charts) and how much traffic each article scores on average per need (red graph). Readers’ needs versus content offered on website Vogue. Image source: Hacks/Hackers London.


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